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Toronto Comic Arts Festival & Major Maker
I met up with Anthony, Laura, and Joey S. at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival on Saturday afternoon which featured many creators from the graphic novel and comic book world. My first main stop on the day was at Adrian Alphona's table (he's the co-creator of Marvel's "Runaways") to pick up his new sketchbook "Sweet Bizarre", which is also the name of his new website With every purchase of his sketchbook, Adrian would do a free sketch so I got yet another Nico, my third so far, as she's my favourite character from "Runaways", inside the back cover of the sketchbook. Click the pic below to view a larger image.

Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm from "Runaways") by Adrian Alphona

My other main stop at the show was made at Bryan Lee O'Malley's table (the creator of the "Scott Pilgrim" series) and I got him to sign my books and I also got a sketch of Ramona Flowers (one of the characters from the series) and I picked up an original art page as well. Click on each of the images below to view a biggie sized version.

my copy of "Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1" signed and a sketch of Ramona Flowers by Bryan Lee O'Malley

left: Ramona Flowers sketch by Bryan Lee O'Malley
right: original art page from "Scott Pilgrim Vol. 3"

my copy of "Lost At Sea", another book by BLO that he signed and he also sketched a cat

Later in the evening, Anthony and I made it over to The Mod Club as we had tickets for the Major Maker show. They put on a rockin' 40 minute set and closed with "Rollercoaster" (the Maynards candy commercial song) and they even came out for an encore by performing "All I Want To Do Is Talk To You" (featured in the new Telus comnmercial). I picked up their debut album "An Illusion" which came out last year and now I'm eagerly awaiting their new EP which should be out within the next month or two.
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2007-08-21 05:33 am (UTC)

Thanks for hangin' out Josh. That was great fun. Always a pleasure to catch a live show with you, not to mention a first time at TCAF for me. Any decision on this weekend's comic expo? --Anthony

Hey Anthony, Saturday was good times for sure. As of right now, I'm leaning towards going on Sunday but it'll probably be by myself as nobody else has shown any interest.

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